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White Structure

Creations Made With Intentions

Elizabeth_Mala_June 2021_2.jpg

Peruvian Turquoise, Carnelian and Orange Agate - Healing spirits, good fortune and grounding of inner self - heart and sacral chakras


Amethyst - symbol of peace, cleansing and calming energy -  crown chakra


Pacific Blue Agate and Amethyst - Encourages inspiration and motivation and symbol of peace with cleansing and calming energy - 3rd eye and crown chakras


Blue Aventurine, Sodalite and Black Network - Higher spiritual guidance, mental enhancement and grounding of emotions - 3rd eye and root chakras


Peruvian Turquoise, Amazonite Blaze Agate and Dark Aventurine - Good fortune, healing spirits, filters out stress and stabilizing calm energies -Heart, throat and root chakras

early tiger eye.jpg

Tiger Eye - one of my first creations -most difficult as I used hemp cord that had many knots in it - Self awareness and clarity - Sacral and Solar plexus chakras

Chakra mala.jpg

Chakra Mala - I repaired this mala and added my own element and intentions - Multiple of semi-precious, wood beads and tiger eye to create fearlessness, self awareness and clarity

early multiple blue.jpg

An early piece, knots became easier to space - Blue Aventurine, 3rd eye chakra - open mindedness, helps us make clear decisions and stick to them

Jenna 5_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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