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The Creative Process
Steps to creating 
your intention-based mala!


  1.  Let's set 15 minutes to chat- via email, please fill out form below, it's quick and easy

  2.  We'll discuss your meditation goals, or create new ones if you are new to meditating and discuss the intentions you would like me build into your mala

  3.   Based on our discussion we'll pick the semi-precious stones/beads and decide on a price range (may range from a repair of $75 depending on number of stones needed and up to $300 for mala's with more costly stones)

  4.  I'll start the creative process and build out your intention based mala

  5.   Depending on availability of your stones/beads, turn-around time could be 2 to 4 weeks

  6.   Shipping and Handling Included, if within the US!  We can discuss the cost if you are shipping outside of the US

    1.   If you are giving this as a gift, there are two options:  Give as an eGift Card for them to decide on the type of mala they want (gift card does not expire) or

    2.  We'll  come up with a mala based on what intention you would like to share with them

You can also reach out directly to me

Thanks for submitting!

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