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Malas Malas Malas

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Individually Yours!

Thanks for submitting!

When creating my Mala Website, I didn't feel that a traditional "shop page" resonated with my creation process.  Each intention-based mala is so unique and individual, therefore costs differ based on semi-precious stones and beads used.

Let's talk for about 15 minutes, discuss what type of mala you are wanting me to create.  Whether the mala is for yourself or as a gift, then decide if this is what you are looking for!  Please fill out the form below, it's quick and easy!

"I absolutely love the Mala Momma Donna repaired for me.  She added just the right touches and created the perfect intention mantra for me. I could feel the divine energy as soon as I held it for the first time. It is absolutely cherished and held close as one of my most important tools for meditation." 

 Amy M.

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