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About Momma Donna



Hello again!  I began my story into my creation of intention-based malas during a career pivot.  I always liked the way a mala looked and wanted to make my own, so I set out and researched the "why" of mala's and thought what a great idea to help deepen my meditation practice.  For those who are knew to mala's and meditation, a mala has 108 stones, beads or seeds, strung together and helps you to focus on your meditation and prayer practices.  More on that below.

My thoughts of the intention was to speak to my place in the world at that moment, which for many during covid-19, was very uncertain.  Once I discovered my personal intentions, I journeyed to find the right semi-precious stones to start my mala.  It was one of the most satisfying and trying experiences.  Learning to knot properly between each of the 108 stones, while chanting my intentions, was at the end, a very special journey in deed.


After many attempts at knotting, and forgetting to knot between the beads, I finally became comfortable to share with the world my intention-based mala business (something I was very vulnerable doing).  This has been an ongoing work in process and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment, even when I had to undue many knots and beads to get the right spacing for that mala I was creating at that time.

As far as the mala itself, it is a beautiful string of 108 beads with a guru bead to create a circle-like ornament to help with meditation and prayers, started in India and used by many individuals, monks and others over the centuries.  

My intention-based mala's are a way for me to connect with others, help them find the intention(s) they would like to add and then create a semi-precious stones, or other bead mala.  Purely personalized for each individual!  It's a very creative process and so happy I am able to be a part of your mala.

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